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Yes! Get the Girl™ was founded in 2006. Our primary mission is to provide real advice, from authorities and experts in dating, love and relationships. If you are unsatisfied with our programs for any reason, or you find that your relationship is beyond repair simply email or call our customer support within 60 days and we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

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—Jack Davies, Manchester, United Kingdom

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—David Flynn, 29, Ft Meyers, Florida, USA

“… I’m at my local hangout. I’ve had my eye this babe for a while. In the past, she just kinda ignores me. Not this time. It’s like no matter what I said or how I said it, she was into me. I’ve never banged a chick in a bathroom, but now I can scratch one that off my bucket list.”

—John Capatina, 35, Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA

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—Craig Ribbit,28, Torquay, England

“I was at this crowded club and I chatted up this ultra-hot model type. Before she even had the chance to finish her drink, I had her back at my place…”

—Julian Brookes, 23, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“Why you didn’t call this method your Stealth Pussy Getting System, I’ll never know. But that’s exactly what it is.”

—Steven Ross, 37, Los Angeles, California, USA

“Saturday after reading the book: I go out and meet a super cute little brunette with some excellent…assets.

Less than 15 minutes later we're taking her and her friend to the karaoke bar.

I keep running Three Second Sexual Attraction style, and mid-game, she starts groping and grinding on me.

A couple hours later I pull her back to my place like it ain't no thang.”

—Matt, “Captain Awesome”, 30, New York, New York

“I just pulled a 27 year old model the day after I read this book. Life is very good…”

—GH, 40, Perth, Australia

“After a night out trying the new method, at first I thought that everything was going to be roughly the same. Little did I know that after a few hours of practice, I'd have a HB9 with a boyfriend chasing me around the venue whilst her friends tried to stop her.

The edge elements and the whole new comfort system feel so organic, this has been what was missing for me personally and I can't thank you enough for it.”

—Tyler Pierce, 32, Paris, France

“I was not ready for how well this new system works. I quickly ended up picking a girl out of a group of four and getting her alone. This stuff works EXACTLY as advertised. She starts to say stuff like "Stooop! You're such an asshole!" but with a smile on her face, while playfully hitting me, and then she asks more about me.”

—Kyle Patton, 45

“Another cutting edge breakthrough--the innovation seems so obvious and clear now that he's broken it down. This concept will be adopted and accepted in the coming years as a staple of comfort by the community.

Thanks Mehow. Other guys are learning to fish with better poles, we're fishing with dynamite.”

—JK, 50, San Francisco, California, USA

“I've tried a lot of styles, Mehow’s stuff is 2 levels beyond everything else. I've never seen this before. In every other book I've seen only truisms with no explanation.

Mehow understands and explains everything in detail with a lot of examples that's why learning pick-up has become extremely easy. This book is not only about picking-up women, it's about improving your life.

This guy knows! He's been there, tested it and done it! Every time I'm reading his stuff my mind sees everything what I've done wrong infield and I couldn't have figured it out.

Every time I practice his stuff my game improves faster than ever. But the GOLD is that Mehow tells you how to create your own style and become NATURAL!”

—Vekan,27, Poland